Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference


The Rural Nurses NZ (RNNZ) executive committee has been established to provide support to nurses working in rural and remote areas of New Zealand (NZ).  In doing so, RNNZ will focus on raising the profile of rural nurses.

Terms of Reference statement:

The terms of reference will provide direction to further develop the structure and intent of the executive committee activities over time.  A key principle is to strengthen collaboration amongst rural nurse peers throughout NZ within a safe, supportive and appropriate network.

RNNZ Vision:

A connected NZ rural nursing workforce with supported access to education and supervision.

RNNZ Mission:

To support and strengthen rural nursing in Aotearoa / NZ through the advancement of knowledge, connections, and expertise.

1. Scope a. The RNNZ executive will function across a number of activities, to raise the profile of, and highlight, the unique complexities of rural nursing.
2. Purpose a. To provide a regular forum that enables a diverse group of rural nurses from across (NZ) to develop models and/or strategies to support Rural Nurses:

  • Establish and maintain networking opportunities
  • Positively influence retention and recruitment of nurses in rural areas, including new graduate support
  • Contribute to the standardisation of standing orders for rural NZ
  • Collaboration with other organisations
  • Influence a recognised career pathway for rural nurses
  • Support development of rural nurse supervision
  • Build knowledge of the needs of rural nurses in NZ
3. Objective a. To advocate for, with, and on behalf of rural nurses in NZ

b. To support a means of providing consistent clinical direction and support to rural nurses particularly those working in isolation

c. To enhance networking of rural nurses within already established forums

d. To create innovative ways of bringing rural nurses together

4. Executive committee membership a. Membership will reflect broad representation across nursing disciplines and locations

b. The executive committee shall comprise of 8-10 members with the following minimum representation:

  •  Primary Rural Nurses
  • Secondary Rural Nurses
  • Remote Rural Nurses
  • North Island Rural Nurses
  • South Island Rural Nurses
  • Educators/Academics with Rural interest
  • Maori Health Rural Nurses
  • Student representation

c. Additional members may be co-opted if deemed necessary for directing discussion at the discretion of the executive committee.

d. Resignations should be forwarded with four weeks’ notice to the chairperson.  (If extenuating circumstances exist the notice period may be wavered)

e. Replacement of a member will be at the discretion of the executive committee ensuring representation is maintained as described above.

5. Roles a. A Chairperson and Secretary will be elected by the executive committee.

b. In the absence of the elected Chairperson, and the committee meets quorum requirements, the meeting participants shall nominate a chairperson for the duration of the meeting.

c.  Membership and election of officer roles (chairperson and secretary) will be reviewed biannually (next due 2020).

6. Quorum a. Five or more committee members in attendance ensuring there is at least one representative from both North and South Island.
7. Meetings a. The executive will meet every four weeks on a Thursday, at 1230pm – 1.30pm.

b. Meeting dates will be set at the beginning of the calendar year for distribution.  Dates may be changed in agreement with the executive members.

c. An Annual General Meeting to be established in timing with the Rural Health Conference.

8. Agenda/ Minutes a. The agenda and any supporting documentation will be distributed five working days prior to the meeting.

b. The meeting will follow a structured agenda with rolling agenda items including a provision for any other business.

c. The minutes of the meeting will be circulated within five working days of each meeting and resent with each agenda.

9. Venue Meetings will be held by zoom link which will always be:  https://otago.zoom.us/j/424852968

Or you can join by phone:

If calling from within New Zealand, dial: 09 801 1188 (Toll charges may apply)

Meeting ID: 424 852 968

If calling from outside New Zealand, please see list of available international numbers:


10. TOR review a. Terms of reference will be reviewed annually and may be altered only following executive committee approval.

b. Review can take place at any stage with a majority vote to do so.

11. Relationships/ Links a. College of Nurses NZ

b. Health Workforce NZ

c. Mobile Health NZ

d. Nursing Council NZ


f.  RGPN (Rural General Practice Network)

g.  RHAANZ (Rural Health Alliance Aotearoa New Zealand)

h. RHN (Rural Hospital Network)

i.  ROAR (Rural Aotearoa Research Network)

j.  Rural Women NZ

k. Tertiary Education Providers

12. Associated Documents a. Vision Statement

b. Mission Statement

c. Strategic Priorities

d. RNNZ and RGPN Memorandum of Understanding

13. Definitions Rural Nurse – refers to any nurse who deems themselves to be working in, intending to work in, or interested in a rural setting.
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